Fasteners & Spacers

Gumstix sellsĀ·a pack of screws and spacers for the assembly of basix, connex, verdex and verdex pro boards together with expansion boards.

For the 2 holes near the 60-pin connector:

  • 0-80 x 1/2" machine screws (slotted pan-head)
  • #0 hex nuts
  • #0 nylon washers

For the third hole that's got tight space between the SDRAM chips:

  • M1.0 x 6mm machine screws (slotted cheesehead)
  • alternately, 00-90 Fillister head 1/4" screws and hex nuts
  • M1.0 hex nuts

For spacing the boards:

  • 2mm black nylon spacers (connex-side daughtercards)
  • 3mm black nylon spacers (basix-side daughtercards)

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