Phasing out: Wi2Wi W2CB003

Effective Date: June 2, 2015

Wi2Wi has discontinued the Wi2Wi W2CBW003, affecting a number of Gumstix products with wireless communications. Once existing stock levels are depleted, Gumstix will be unable to restock the following products:
  • Overo Air COM
  • Overo Fire COM
  • Overo FE COM
  • Overo AirSTORM COM
  • Overo FireSTORM COM
  • Overo IronSTORM COM
Gumstix has introduced the Overo STORM-Y series COMs, featuring Texas Instruments WiLink 8 wireless module, as well as the Overo STORM-P series COMs featuring the Wi2Wi W2CB0015 wireless module. Customers who do not specifically require the Wi2Wi W2CBW003 wireless module should consider an Overo STORM-Y or Overo STORM-P series COM.