PKI 2013-2: All Gumstix Computers: MicroSD Card Slot Card Retention Issue

Notification Date: April 5, 2013

Effective Date: Immediately

Product Lines: DuoVero and Overo COMs

Product Number: Products and revisions GUM35xx, GUM37xx and GUM4430x

Known Issue:

Some of these products have an issue with one type of microSD card slot failing to retain inserted microSD cards. The primary reasons for the issue in these products are:

  1. Pressure on the top of the microSD card slot, causing the internal sliding catch mechanism to crack
  2. Persistent pressure on the microSD card retaining tab, caused by the label applied during manufacturing

See the image on the right for an illustration of the components involved.


Most importantly, take care to ensure that pressure is never applied to the top of any microSD card slot.

Customers with Gumstix products where the microSD card slot is of the design pictured above (where the retaining tab is pressed down by the product label) should remove, rotate and re-affix the label to the left edge of the slot.

Note: Before removing the label, photograph it or write down the information on it in case part of it becomes illegible.

1. Gently and carefully remove the product label affixed to the microSD card slot by peeling from the left edge, taking care not to apply pressure to the right side of the card slot.

2. Rotate the label 90 degrees counter-clockwise and re-affix it with light pressure to the left edge of the microSD card slot.

Rotating the product label in the manner described above will not alter the terms of the warranty on your Gumstix product in any way.


 Customers whose Gumstix products exhibit the microSD card slot retention issue within the 90-day warranty period should contact Gumstix Customer Service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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