PKI 2012-1: Chestnut43 version R3078 issues - R1 not populated

Notification Date: March 9, 2012

Effective Date: Immediately

Product Name: Chestnut43 Expansion board

Product Number: BRD30005-R3078. Sold as PKG30005 online.

Product Revision Number: R3078 only

Known Issue:

The resistor R1 was not populated on a small number of builds of the Chestnut43 board version BRD30005-R3078 only.

R1 should be populated with a 0R (0402) zero-Ohm feedback resistor.



Customers with Chestnut43 boards need to make these two checks to see if this issue applies to their boards:

Step 1) Read the white label on each Chestnut43 board, looking for BRD30005-R3078.

Step 2) On each Chestnut43 BRD30005-R3078 board, check to see if resistor R1 is NOT populated.


 For each BRD30005-R3078 board that does not have resistor R1 populated, a customer has two choices for resolution:

1) At the customer location, populate resistor R1 with a 0R (0402) zero-Ohm feedback resistor, or add a solder bridge.

2) Contact Gumstix Customer Support via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , for warranty coverage.


The image below shows the location of resistor R1 on the Chestnut43 board:


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