Processor Documentation

OMAP3503 Processor on Overo Earth COM & Overo Air COM


OMAP3530 Processor on Overo Water COM, Overo Fire COM & Overo FE COM


TPS65950 Integrated Power Management IC on Each Overo COM

This component acts as peripheral and power management chip for the OMAP3 processor.  It include 3 DC/DC convertors, 11 LDOs, the audio (hardware) codec, the USB high-speed tranceiver, and a charger.

Cortex A8 Architecture

The Cortex A8 Reference Manual may be found here.

Hardware Floating Point

Hardware floating point is discussed in chapter 13 and chapter 16.6.5 of the Cortex A8 Reference Manual. Linux does not use floating point and thus it has no effect on OS performance. If developers use OE, then all the correct compiler flags are set automatically for Gumstix' processor architecture.

Component Information and Manufacturer Specification Downloads

Gumstix publishes component information and posts links to manufacturer information online in the "details" tab on the product page of each Overo COM and expansion board.