Schematic of each Expansion Board of the Overo series



  • The schematic of each Gumstix expansion board is openly published, under creative commons license.
  • Go to the BOARDS section of to find the schematic.
  • To know what function is shipping on any particular Gumstix product, review the "Features" information as presented at for that particular Gumstix product rather than depending upon the function designed into the schematic posted in Gumstix makes this recommendation because each function designed on to a Gumstix board (as per schematic) may or may not be populated during the build process.
  • Every board is marked with a revision number so be sure to download the schematic for your particular revision of the board.
  • The schematics may be viewed using Eagle software from CadSoft,

Note: Gumstix does not license or provide the schematic for any Gumstix COM.

Version Control and Lot Tracking

To determine the version of the bare PCB, bill of materials, and manufacturer work order used to build a specific Gumstix COM or expansion board, review the information posted in the "Version Control and Lot Tracking" section.

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