Power Consumption


  • consoleLCD16-vx board + verdex XL6P motherboard + netCF-vx board, no display attached: 5V x 0.4A == 2W
  • console-vx board + verdex XM4-BT motherboard + netwifimicroSD board: wifi active == 5V x 0.5A == 2.5W; wifi not active == 5V x 0.3A == 1.5W

basix and connex

At 4.5V:

  •  99MHz CPU, 50MHz bus, idle: 0.01-0.02A
  • 200MHz CPU, 100MHz bus, idle: 0.03-0.04A
  • 400MHz CPU, 100MHz bus, idle: 0.06A
  • 200MHz CPU, 100MHz bus, 100% CPU usage: 0.12A
  • 400MHz CPU, 100MHz bus, 100% CPU usage: 0.22A·

These power requirements are approximate. Note also that the PXA bus to RAM can go up to 133MHz depending upon the components chosen, which might well increase things like FFT performance.