DuoVero Reliability and US MIL-STD-810F Testing


Secure Mechanicals

Each DuoVero COM and expansion board configuration can·be secured together using either the white or the blue, plastic retaining spacers that Gumstix has made available in the accessories section of www.gumstix.com, linked here. Each DuoVero COM has a 0-80 mounting hole in each of the four corners of the Dvero COM for securing the COM to the expansion board.

The bottom surface of each DuoVero COM has dual, 70-pin Hirose DF40 connectors: (J1) and (J2). Note that these connectors differ from the dual, 70-pin AVX connectors used as inter-board connectors on the Overo COMs.


Shock and Vibration Testing

Testing of a DuoVero configuration to the US MIl Spec 810.F tests for both shock and vibraton has not yet been completed.