Version Control and Lot Tracking

There are three aspects to define a hardware revision: the Fab, the Assembly, and the Lot. Every Gumstix COM and expansion board carries a white label with identification numbers to allow tracing of the build version and manufacturing history of that product.

The Fab Number

The "Fab" is the word Gumstix uses to name a particular "bare PCB" and the "Fab number" corresponds to one product type. For example, all Summit expansion boards have the Fab Number PCB30001 printed on the board in ink when the Fab was created. They also have a Revision number immediately following the PCB30001, such as -R2450

Fab numbers of Gumstix COM boards start with "PF"

  • e.g. PF3503-R2606 defines bare PCB version 2606 of an Overo COM (PF3503)

Fab number of Gumstix Expansion boards start with "PCB"

  • e.g. PCB30005-R2467 defines bare PCB version 2467 of a Chestnut expansion board (PCB30005)

Note that one or more products may be built on the same fab, depending upon which assembly (bill-of-materials) is used in manufacturing; e.g. two products with the same PCB layout and different component populations.

Assembly and Lot Codes

An Assembly describes a particular populated PCB and the Assembly number corresponds to one bill of material populating each of the different reference locations on the bare PCB. As of July 2010, Gumstix has requested that its manufacturers label every assembled board with a small white sticker carrying the following information:

  • the Assembly number
    • COMs begin with "GS" e.g. GS270B-XM4-R2635 defines assembly version 2635 of a verdex pro COM (GS270B)
    • Expansion boards begin with "BRD" e.g BRD30001-R2563 defines assembly version 2563 of a Summit expansion board (BRD30001)
  • the Lot number defining the particular work-order (build) of the specific assembly e.g. W/O #69217
  • the Date code to define the date of assembly of that specific board --- e.g. "BT-10-26" to define the manufacturer code ["BT"] and year ["10"] and week of the year ["26"].

Note that some vendors have chosen alternative forms of the date code to correspond to their own manufacturing process, or to append their internal work-order number as well.

Product Features and Functions

To know what function is shipping on any particular Gumstix product, review the "Features" information as presented on the product page at rather than depending upon the function designed into the schematic posted in Gumstix makes this recommendation because function designed on to a Gumstix board (as per schematic) may or may not be populated during the build process.

Keep-outs and Height Restrictions for a Custom Expansion Board

Layout information to aid design of a custom expansion board that would connect to a Gumstix DuoVero COM is planned to be available in the DuoVero System Reference manual.