Schematics & CAD Layouts

 Schematics and Board Layout Files for Expansion Boards

  • Gumstix' expansion board schematics and layouts are published under a creative commons licence.
  • Go to to find the schematic for your expansion board
  • Every board is mark with a revision number that corresponds to the correct schematic; be sure these match
  • The definitive resource for functionality on an expansion board is its product page at Where the schematic for a board offers functionality not listed on the product page, the product page should be taken as correct. Certain features may be designed into a schematic, which may or may not be populated during the fabrication process.
  • Schematics and board layouts may be viewed using Eagle software from CadSoft.

CAD Files for Computers-on-Module

CAD models for computers-on-module and expansion boards are published in a variety of formats at Files for COMs are in the COMS folder.

Gumstix does neither provides nor licenses the schematic for any Gumstix COM.