2D Layout and some 3D Models

3D models of the basix, connex, and verdex (not verdex pro) COMs as well as 2D layout files for connector and mounting information are linked here.

Computers-on-Module Layout Files:

Available under a Creative Commons license.

- The schematics may be viewed using Eagle software from CadSoft,

Version control and lot tracking

To determine the version of the bare PCB, bill of materials, and manufacturer work order used to build a specific Gumstix COM or expansion board, click·here

3D Images for Physical Layouts

In the Spring of 2007, Gumstix provided physical layout and connector location information via SketchUp and the 3D warehouse visuals, as below. This work was done by a summer co-op student working at Gumstix for that summer only.

The eagle schematics and layout files (.dxf) linked below have the connector and mounting hole locations for the basix and connex motherboards.

As such, dimension numbers can be obtained via the Eagle files or by loading the sketchup files into CAD/CAM software.

Values for depth are said to be "buried in Sketchup" as sketchup has the heights programmed but a review of the details/properties of the sub-part (i.e.. the capacitor) is warranted.

For the expansion board layouts, go to the '.brd' files linked below.


basix motherboards in 3D

connex motherboards in 3D

verdex motherboards in 3D

Expansion boards

basix expansion boards in 3D

connex expansion boards in 3D

verdex expansion boards in 3D

3D visualization of gumstix boards

This modeling environment for electronic product designers integrates popular design tools, 3D images, and software scripts to accelerate and simplify the design and visualization of new product enclosures and custom expansion boards by combining 3D gumstix product visuals with Google SketchUp, Google 3D Warehouse and Cadsoft's Eagle™ CAD software.

SketchUp is compatible with CAD products such as Graphisoft® Archicad 10, MicroStation® V8, Autodesk® AutoCAD® Revit® Series Systems Plus, VectorWorks® Architect, DataCAD, Nemetschek, Rhinoceros® and Softech.

Using pre-made gumstix Sketchup models

  1. Download Google sketchup software.
  2. Go to the Google 3D warehouse to find 3-D appliance model offerings that are planned to include basix, connex and verdex brands.
  3. Search on "gumstix" 4. Select a file from the results posted and click "Download to Google SketchUp"

Converting Eagle layouts to Sketchup models Gumstix has published the scripts we use to convert Eagle layouts automatically into Sketchup models. This uses the ULP scripting features of the Eagle package along with the Ruby scripting features of Sketchup to automatically draw and place components on a circuit board within Sketchup. The generated model can then be edited/saved/exported as necessary. The System consists of two pieces:

Eagle ULP program which parses the layout and generates a ruby script encapsulating the components and their positions on the board * A set of Ruby libraries for Sketchup which the ULP-generated ruby script uses to actually draw the board within Sketchup. These scripts, along with further documentation, can be downloaded here (link to come).


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